MCR - Laminar Flow Modules

Laminar Flow Module MCR

Laminar Flow Module MCR-04 economy

Laminar flow systems and ventilation systems with fan-filter modules that generate by a laminar flow (turbulence intensity is less than 5%) a pure flow profile that flushes any kind of contamination from the pure zone. Horizontal and vertical flow variations are possible. The purify the air by a replaceable pre-filter and HEPA filter. The air stream is transported via a high-performance low-pressure radial fan and flows uniformly distributed laminar and through the working space. Through this, penetration of suspended solids is reduced and obtained by the work process particles are displaced.

Our LAF consist of an inherently rigid self-supporting structure. Built-in Filter Fan Units with DC motors power the modules with clean air. Whether open or closed air duct system. The MCR-series offers a variety of design possibilities. The focus is always on the customer requirement in product and / or personal protection.



Applications in clean rooms:

  Pharmaceutical industry
  Chemical industry
  Experimental laboratories
  Laboratory animal care
  Optical industry

Special Features:

  Mobile versions available
  Small space requirement
  modular design
  Low investment costs


 Lamiar Flow Modul    Laminar Flow Module



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