Air Showers

Lufftduschen in Reihe

For safe entering the clean room, the air shower is an important component. The air shower minimizes the particles on clothing or materials that you are not introduced into the clean room. Cross-contamination can be avoided.To overcome the adhesive forces of the particles, the persons or materials with high-energy jets of air (about 25 m / s) blown, dthen the dissolved particles are removed and the people can enter the cleanroom. They guarantee by the customer desired product protection within the planned system.

In addition, the electrostatic forces of adhesion of the particles can significantly reduced by the integration of ionization and the Reinigungsefffekt be increased.

The air shower is controlled by a high-performance radial ventilator in the power module above the sluice. The ventilator absorbs the air via two suction channels limiting the two outer chambers/waiting areas/ waiting chambers and blows the air through 4 HEPA – filters into the corner channels, each one equipped with 14 nozzles. The arrangement of the nozzles provides a whirlpool-like rotation flow, in which the air volume flow rate releases the particles and intercepts them through the filter. The self-supporting housing consists of edged sheet plates, in stainless steel 316L. Both doors, which are locked to each other by a switch, consists of an 8mm safety glass.

Standard sizes [Width x Depth x Height ] 1.200 x 1.200 x 2.800 mm.
For low ceilings, a version with an overall height of 2500 mm is available.

Our air showers as a 2-door or 3-door variant available. Special sizes e.g. as material transfer are always possible. 






Applications in clean rooms:

  Chemical industry
  Experimental laboratories
  Laboratory animal care
  Optical industry

Production spectrum:

  Personnel air showers series AS12
  H2O2 decontaminated lock systems
  High speed doors, pressure resistant,
   suitable for clean rooms

  Airmatik Safety Doors (gastight doors)
  Customized special solutions made to measure

Special features:

  Easy and safe operation
  Small space requirement
  Passageway 180° straight or 90° corner
  3-door version available
  Housing optionally available in stainless steel
  Optional integrated hand disinfection
  On request with touch screen controller

      Luftdusche Personen und Material



Available passage ways:



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