Cleanroom cabins MCR economy


Stable side elements connected with feet form the basic design of the cabin system. The cover page final clean-room cabin is made by integrated metal cassettes The lateral boundary of the cabin can be done either from PVC curtains, strip curtains, PVC, Makrolon, glass or panel walls.

In the cabin ceiling built-in Filter Fan Units with DC motors provide the car with clean air. Whether open or closed air duct system, the MCR provides a variety of design possibilities. The focus is always on the customer requirement in product and / or personal protection.

Technical Data:       
Height: till 4m    
Cleanroom class:  ISO 3 to ISO 8 (DIN EN ISO 14644 Part1) Class C, B und A, GMP  
Materials: stainless steel brushed  Aluminium andodized  Steel powdercoated



Applications in clean rooms:

  Pharmaceutical industry
  Chemical industry
  Experimental laboratories
  Laboratory animal care
  Optical industry





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