GLS - Glove leak test

Glove Leak Test

Glove Leaktest Cover GLC digital

The secure of a isolar system depends on the gasket of the gloves.
With GLC digital the gloves can get proved for there gasket .The Glove Leakest Cover is for the provement for the glove.

The base body of the glove leakest is produced by the cover FDA-plastic(PA).

The Glove Leakest Cover can also work without the testing process. The documentation is based on the provement.



The mobil provement station are created for the test of the Glove Leak Station. Based on the gasket of the compression EN 14644 the Glove machine controls the isolator.The apparat exsists with high steel grade and absorbed with data recorders. The mobil Glove Testing contains with complet flow/-and impression as well with control and observation from Glove Leaktest Cover during the testing. Im unteren In the down area the Glove Leaks can be seated. It can be stock max.6 Gloves.

After the glove tester are produced on the position and the Airmatic gasket is actived, the Glove Leakest Station will get started. The position will get bloated during the Regeniration process 1 (5 min) and the position will get controled to 500 PA.
The measuring begins ( 1 min). The Glove OK blings as in color green. If the Glove is defect it blings red-defekt. The Glove has to be changed.The result can you read on the port and it will printed out as well. The unit is covered by GMP/FDA documentation.




  Pharmaceutical industry
  Chemical Industry
  Experimental laboratories
  Laboratory animal care

Our production range:

  Glove Leak Tester round or oval
  Glove Leak Test Station with integrated printer

Special Features:

  Simple and safe operation
  Test method / approach 14644-7 Appendix E.5
  Also available with your company logo


Glove Leak Test Station   Glove Leak Test oval






Test Station







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