GBE - Glove boxes

Gloveboxen aus Ayrylglas

Glovebox Typ GB easy

Our gloveboxes are usually adapted to customer needs.
The housing is made of acrylic glass, 3-sided shape, the side parts are gluedThe floor pan we can offer welded tight gray polypropylene, alternatively, its also possible stainless steel. The fixation of the box in the tub with chip clips. On request the glovebox with inlet and exhaust filters, a mounting lock can be fitted. There are also connectors for protective gas, electricity and other accessories are available.

The interventions are available as iris or Gloves in both round and oval design. Locks are round or square available.


Glove Sleeve Support Typ GSS easy

The GSS easy is a flexible device for spreading the Gloves during the decontamination phase. A mechanical suction device is attached to an arbitrary position on the glass pane. A plastic shaft keeps the glove inside the containment freely in the room so that all surfaces can be decontaminated. The device is suitable for all common Schulterflansche and due to its flexible shaft has an optimal adaptation to interference contours. 

Glove Cover Typ GCO standard
(Glove lid with locking lever)

The GCO standard is used for sealing of unused glove ports in insulators, cRABS and gloveboxes. Basically, the cover for each diameter in an oval or round shape to be manufactured to a diameter of 300 mm.


Glove Sleeve Support Typ GSS standard

The GSS standard is a device for spreading the Gloves outside the containment, during the decontamination phase.

The glove is tensioned by pressure in the containment in the outwardly projecting device. The device is available for all common Schulterflansche.


Applications in clean rooms:

  Pharmaceutical industry
  Chemical industry
  Experimental laboratories
  Laboratory animal care
  Optical industry




Glovebox GBE easy:

Glove Box Easy GBE     Glovebox Acrylglas

Glovebox mit gasdichter Tür    Glovebox Durchflussanzeige

  Easy to use
  Small space requirement

Glove Sleeve Support GSS easy:

Glove Sleev Support GSS easy   


Glove Cover Typ GCO standard:

Glove Cover


Glove Sleeve Support GSS standard:

  Glove Sleeve Support GBE standard





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