ASD - Gas-tight doors

ASD Gasdichte Türen

Airmatik-Safetys apply where a gas density is necessary. Especially in locks with H202 gas bids the door system because of the large pane.

The door leaf exsist of VSG- panes bordered with high grade steel. In the high grade stell is absorbedd the dynamic fiction. The border is also high grade steel, 1.4301 welded, with raditions for the Airmatic instruction. For the door systems developed high grade hells they are corrective streching the gasket from the air. A tube from outside is not visible. The pneumatic access deem also in the border. The door considers with a mechanic snapshot. The bolding results from the standard downforce of the gasket. If wishes exsist the door sytem can deliver with electronic Security.

Technical Data:       
Width [mm]: 600 to 1200    
Height [mm]: 1.000 to 2.200    
Weight [kg]: ca. 40 kg per m²    
Voltage / phase [V]: 230V 50Hz    
Compressed air [bar]: 6-7     

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  Pharmaceutical industry
  Chemical industry
  Experimental laboratories
  Laboratory animal care
  Optical industry

Special Features:

  High transparency with VSG all-glass
  Easy to operate
  Easy to clean
  Hidden media connections
  GMP compliant design

Integrated Venturi function:
(Seal is automatically evacuated before opening)

Gasdichte Tür



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